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A Starry Stylist Introduces a Jewelry Line

A Starry Stylist Introduces a Jewelry Line

The stylist Dani Michelle has dressed Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber on the red carpet and off. And while most of the world couldn’t afford Ms. Michelle’s skills, her new fashion jewelry line, called Méga, does provide a bit of insight.

Ms. Michelle seized on the name after American Vogue called her “a megawatt stylist” in April 2022. And the line, introduced in November, is presented as a kind of jewelry wardrobe for four women imagined by Ms. Michelle.

“Brody is my classic, timeless girl, the girl next door,” she explained in a video chat from Los Angeles. “I’m almost sold out of her earrings, the waterfall earrings; they have a vintage undertone.

“Stella is more of a West Coast girl with a carefree ease to her. Stella’s earrings are special to me, they are the first pieces I designed, a hoop bevel-set with a stone. Kate is that cooler, more New York girl, with a little bit of rebel to her. She has my Donut stacking rings.”

She recently styled a jewelry wardrobe for the new girl in town, Dylan.

Ms. Michelle, 37, said that, essentially, the presentations did the styling for her clients: “People want to know ‘How do I wear this sweater?’ ‘How do I wear these rings and necklaces?’”

While she does not have jewelry making training, Ms. Michelle begins by sketching ideas on her iPad and then sits with a computer-aided designer to turn them into digital renderings. Most of the jewelry is manufactured in Los Angeles, but some comes from New York City and makers in China and Italy.

Most of the collection is offered in 14-karat gold vermeil, the term for gold plated on a sterling silver base, although some are in 925 sterling silver, an industry label for silver that is 92.5 percent pure.

Prices primarily range from $22 to $300, with some custom pieces in 14-karat gold with lab-grown diamonds rising to $3,500.

Personally, Ms. Michelle is a big fan of stacking — she held up her hands to the camera to display the 12 rings she was wearing. “I wear them every day,” she said, and some days she adds even more. Stacking jewelry, she said, is a way of making an impact, and the Méga website has advice on how to do it.

Ms. Michelle said her style sense was influenced by her mother, Stacey Singer, who also has a fine jewelry line and once owned the popular gift boutique Dalton Brody in Washington, D.C.

While studying fashion, sociology and marketing at the University of Miami, where she graduated in 2008, Ms. Michelle got an internship at Seventeen magazine. One day a stylist brought her on a photo shoot: “I saw her telling people what to wear and I thought, this is a job? I was dead set that this is what I want to do.”

She moved to Los Angeles and a neighbor, who happened to be a manager for Miley Cyrus, introduced her to a stylist who needed an assistant. She got the job and went on from there.

Mark Holmes, who has styled Jared Leto, Willem Dafoe and Daniel Craig, wrote by email that “Dani Michelle’s style is always effortless chic. She brings a level of sophistication that never feels forced. Her new jewelry line is no exception.”

Ms. Michelle, however, offered another explanation for her success: “I always give everything 110 percent, I am always working the hardest, and I think my clients feel that.”

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