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‘And Just Like That …’ Episode 7 Fashion: Aidan’s Return

‘And Just Like That …’ Episode 7 Fashion: Aidan’s Return

This article contains spoilers for Episode 7 of the second season of “And Just Like That …”

He’s back — and he is free for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

In the first shot of Aidan (John Corbett), who has returned in this episode of “And Just Like That …,” Carrie’s other great love is standing on a sidewalk in a tightly belted Belstaff jacket, as if protecting himself from what might lie ahead. It seems the man with the ripped T-shirt who loved a cabin upstate has developed a certain polish with age.

At the same time, others are also having their own Valentine’s Day celebrations: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) meets a new love interest in Amelia (Miriam Shor). Nya (Karen Pittman) embraces her single-dom, and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) lands herself in the emergency room after a bad run-in with pot brownies.

Ahead of Episode 7, members of The New York Times Styles desk chatted about the dresses, slippers and love letters to New York on display in the latest installment of the series.

Vanessa Friedman Jeremy, since you mentioned Carrie’s penchant for plaid in Episode 6, I am now seeing it everywhere: on Carrie in her blanket coat and skirt, on Miranda in her coat and scarf of many plaids, and on Charlotte in her Valentine’s Day dress. This cannot be a coincidence. What do you think is going on? What’s with all the plaid?

Jeremy Allen I wonder if plaid, as a more traditional pattern, is meant to represent the maturity of the “And Just Like That …” cast. But rendered in wacky colorways, as it so often is here, it still smacks of “Sex and The City.” Or maybe I’m overthinking it, and it means nothing at all!

Meanwhile, back in Barbieland, I’m afraid you’ll still need to be confronted with pink, Vanessa. Drew Barrymore, in a delightful cameo, wears a monochrome pink look composed of a pussy-bow blouse, blazer and trousers.

VF There was a whole monochrome thing happening this episode: not just with Drew, but with Amelia in her tone-on-tone burgundy during her reading and — of course — Lisa Todd Wexley’s Valentine’s Day jumpsuit, shawl, gloves and earrings. That was a commitment to red.

JA Amelia, played by the hysterical Miriam Shor, is one of my favorite things about this episode. Later, the reality of her life becomes clear: Her cat litter-caked mules made me laugh.

Madison Malone Kircher Can we also get a little commotion for Miranda’s one-shoulder purple dress. A nice Lavender Menace nod as Ms. Hobbes figures out what’s next for her.

JA Halston, no less! Of course, she tops it with a fuzzy plaid coat.

VF Yes, Miranda is very labeled-up this episode; she also lounges on a Hermès blanket while interrogating her sexuality. It’s the best product placement for the brand since Meghan Markle had a cream Hermès blanket draped nearby during one of the episodes of “Harry & Meghan.”

MMK Shall we discuss the man of the hour? Aidan is back!

JA And in Belstaff. Vanessa, what do you think of the choice to dress him in a military-inspired jacket?

VF As far as Aidan, I thought putting him in a heather gray knit shirt was very on-brand, but not sure about the belted military jacket. In it, he reminded me of a bad guy from an “Indiana Jones” flick who forgot what movie he was in.

JA It was almost like he was girding himself for emotional combat, which, I suppose, is fair!

VF He did not look comfortable. Though he did look more bourgeois.

MMK I’m sorry, but the man who yearns to spend his days upstate with minimal creature comforts while Carrie bakes a pie is not wearing that jacket.

Katie Van Syckle I really enjoyed imagining Carrie going through her closet to decide on what she would wear to dinner with Aidan — it is one of those outfits you want to get right. She went with a floral dress by Christian Siriano, and it felt like something she was probably really thoughtful about.

JA The dress was a stunner, but the vintage satin cape with a flower-trimmed hood that she wore on top of it is one of my favorite looks of the season. It’s the double-take that always made Carrie’s wardrobe so compelling to me.

Meanwhile, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the first look of the episode: Carrie’s vintage black-and-white Daily Mail sweatshirt reading “The Most New York You Can Get,” coupled with pearls.

Who knows what will appear on the last sweatshirt she wears in the season? Blank Street Coffee? It sure embodies a certain New York circa 2023.

VF Taking bets now.


MMK It’s definitely going to be that Jake Gyllenhaal and Russ & Daughters tie-dye tee we all bought in 2020 and then realized the sizing ran insanely small. It’ll fit Carrie perfectly as a micro crop top.

JA Actually, I’m changing my vote to “We ❤️ NYC.”

Vanessa Friedman, Jeremy Allen, Madison Malone Kircherand Katie Van Syckle contributed reporting.

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