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Are You a Legacy Alum?

Are You a Legacy Alum?

After the Supreme Court’s rejection of affirmative action at American colleges and universities, another admissions practice has come under scrutiny: preferences for relatives of alumni. Known as legacy admissions, the practice tends to favor wealthy white applicants over others, including Black, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American students.

Some colleges and universities have already dropped the practice, including Wesleyan, Amherst, Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon. On Tuesday, the Education Department opened a civil rights investigation into Harvard University’s legacy admissions policy.

Proponents argue that admitting legacy students helps build community and can boost donations, benefiting the institution and all its students. Critics maintain that it reinforces privilege and quashes diversity.

Beyond that dispute, we want to hear from people who have a connection to legacy admissions. Do you come from a family that has attended one institution over several generations? Do you endorse giving admissions preference to relatives of alumni, oppose the practice or have mixed feelings? Please share your story using the form below.

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