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Instagram Introduces Reels Download Feature, Excluding Indian Users for Now!


Instagram Introduces Reels Download Feature, Limited to US Users for Now, In a long-awaited move, Instagram has unveiled the option for users to download Reels directly from the platform. However, the feature is currently accessible to a select group of users, specifically those in the United States. Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced the exciting news via a broadcast channel.

Instagram Introduces Reels Download Feature Excluding Indian Users for Now-bhavintechglobal

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With an extensive user base of approximately 2.35 billion monthly active users worldwide, India alone accounting for 229 million users, the absence of this feature in India is disappointing for many. Despite its popularity in the country, Instagram has decided to limit the availability of the Reels download feature exclusively to users in the United States. 
It remains unclear why Instagram has chosen to roll out this feature selectively, leaving Indian users unable to enjoy the benefits of directly downloading Reels to their devices. As the platform continues to evolve and expand its features, users worldwide eagerly anticipate the broader availability of this functionality.
“We are launching the option to instantly download Reels from public accounts to your camera roll in the US. Simply tap the Share icon on a reel that captures your interest and choose the Download option,” stated the message shared on the Instagram broadcast channel. The announcement also highlighted that it is important to note that Reels shared by private accounts cannot be downloaded, and public accounts have the option to disable the ability for others to download their Reels through the Account Settings.
Mosseri provided a clear explanation on how users can download Instagram Reels directly to their camera roll from the app. To do so, simply tap the Share button and select the Download option.
Only Reels from public accounts can be downloaded, he clarified, and owners of public accounts have the ability to turn off the download feature if they so desire.
Although Mosseri did not explicitly mention whether downloaded Reels would include a watermark, the accompanying image suggests that the downloaded videos will display the Instagram logo and the account name.
Unfortunately, Indian users will have to exercise patience as they wait for the official release of the download feature. In the meantime, they can explore alternative options such as using third-party apps or trying workarounds to download Reels.


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