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Jaeger-LeCoultre and the ‘Golden Ratio Musical Show’

Jaeger-LeCoultre and the ‘Golden Ratio Musical Show’

On a follow-up video call in early July, Ms. Rénier said the collaboration with Mr. Myers — who joined the call from a beach in Greece, where he was vacationing with his family — was the latest in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s year-old Made of Makers program. It is a series of partnerships with creators outside watchmaking, including the Parisian pastry chef Nina Métayer, the Korean digital media artist Yiyun Kang and the French visual artist Guillaume Marmin, designed to inspire cross-disciplinary exchanges.

“We have not worked before with any musical artist,” Ms. Rénier said. “This was the objective — to embark on a totally different experience, to showcase the golden ratio from another angle, maybe less expected than architecture or design.”

Mr. Myers, 39, the 2017 winner of “Britain’s Got Talent,” is known for his classical-meets-contemporary-dance-music mash-ups. He said that once he understood what Jaeger-LeCoultre wanted, he plastered his studio in the English countryside with images from the Art Deco era. Next, he composed a symphony in four chapters, representing nature, science, art and design, corresponding to the four sides of the rectangular Reverso.

“I needed to study all the Art Deco lines, shapes and designs to figure out, how can I replicate this musically?” Mr. Myers said. “From there, it was all about finding the tempo. Then I realized, hold on, why don’t I incorporate the golden ratio formula into beats per minute?”

Employing the same G minor key throughout “Timeless,” Mr. Myers maintained a lively tempo of 161.8 beats per minute (to evoke the golden ratio), adding synthesizers, spiral sound effects and percussive elements to symbolize the lines and silhouettes of Art Deco design.

“The piano is the thread throughout the ‘Timeless’ piece, the cogs that keep turning in the watch,” Mr. Myers said. “The rest is all experimentation.”

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