Home Music Jungkook pranks RM over a call during BTS Festa event; Suga, Jimin and V share messages for fans. Watch videos

Jungkook pranks RM over a call during BTS Festa event; Suga, Jimin and V share messages for fans. Watch videos


BTS Festa Yeouido event: RM, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook interacted with fans. A beautiful fireworks
show ended the event. Watch.

Jungkook pranks RM over a call during BTS Festa event; Suga, Jimin and V share messages for fans. Watch videos-bhavintechglobal.com

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BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook could not come together this year for their 10th debut anniversary. However, some of the members came up with their ideas for BTS Festa and celebrated the occasion with fans.

RM’s radio show

RM held a live radio session with BTS ARMY in Yeouido. He read stories sent by BTS ARMY, performed his solo songs Wild Flower and Intro: Persona. RM received calls during the show from V and Jungkook. RM welled up during his ending comments saying, “Thank you ARMY for visiting Yeouido on such a hot day for BTS’ 10th anniversary. Stay healthy and I promise I will see you soon”.

Jungkook changed his tone to confuse RM

Jungkook pretended to be RM’s fan and called him during the show. It turned hilarious when RM couldn’t recognise Jungkook’s voice and kept asking his name. Jungkook claimed to be RM’s fan since his early rapping days and added that he became a singer because of him. Jungkook also left RM impressed when he sang a few lines from their single Take Two. Jungkook asked, “Hyung, you don’t know my voice?” RM said, “I am used to your voice though, I have to say this first. Who are you?” A laughing Jungkook asked, “You don’t know who I am? Hello, I’m Jungkook.” RM screamed on hearing his name.

V’s call to RM

V aka Kim Taehyung‘s voice left RM laughing as he called it ‘sexy’. He said that he woke up from sleep. The BTS singer fumbled several times making fans laugh too. RM complimented V’s Le Jazz de V video. When asked to share a message for the 3000 fans present at the venue, V said, “Did many people come? I wanted to go there.” But as V was very sleepy, RM asked him to go back to sleep. Before disconnecting the call, V praised RM.

Suga on ARMY news

BTS rapper Suga, over a voice message from Singapore, wished fans a happy FESTA. In Suga’s ARMY news, he also said that he wanted to be in person at the show. Suga also assured fans that his Kkul FM will return.

Jungkook closed the event

Jungkook brought the event to a close as he lent his voice for the fireworks festival narration, in a pre-recorded note. The BTS singer started the show by saying, “I’m BTS Jungkook. It’s already been 10 years since we’ve been with you. As we’ve spent year after year with ARMY, wearying summer has turned into something full of hope. As today is a special day, we would like to decorate our summer night with beautiful fireworks, putting love and gratitude into it. I hope this glow (fireworks) can reach all who support us, so you’re happier today. Shall we start now?”

“FESTA’s slogan is BTS Presents Everywhere. What is the BTS in your memory like? For us, it’s those moments when we sang and danced together at concerts that come to our mind first. Shall we fill up the night sky in Yeouido with heat (energy) just like we did back then? Let’s have a blast from now on!”

BTS’ hit songs such as Butterfly, Boy With Luv, DNA, Spring Day, Mic Drop, Fake Love, Idol, and Run BTS played between his narration. An estimated 410000 people gathered in Seoul on Saturday. 

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